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Private Shopping and Delivery Services

We know how important it is to protect your data and privacy. It is often said that data is the new oil. Your personal information and shopping history is valuable and big tech companies want your data. They build profiles on you and use your data to market products and services to you. Your data is sold and shared with partners and other organizations.

We believe that your data is your business and you have the right to be private with the products and services you buy online. Unfortunately, there are no rules or regulations that truly protect your privacy. This is why you need to take action to remain anonymous and we can help you.

How we can help you

Private Shopping Service
Member $8.99
Non-member $11.99
Our flat rate private shopping puts you in control of your data privacy.
Postal Privacy Mailing Service
Member $0.00
Non-Member $0.00
Private mail forwarding that removes any traceable information.
Combined Packages
Member $0.00
Non-Member $0.00
Your items can be combined in to one anonymous package.
Private Insurance Protection
Member $0.00
Non-Member $0.00
Your package and contents are protected and insured.