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We Protect Your Privacy

Break the cycle of being tracked when you shop online. We have all experienced the unpleasant feeling of being targeted for ads because of something we purchased. Big tech goes much further with data collection and building your consumer identity. You should have full control over how your personal information and shopping history is used by artificial intelligence and algorithms. We are the “Firewall” between the products you want and the data tracking you don’t want.

How it works
Your information is protected using military grade encryption. You information is never sold or shared. We are committed to your total privacy and security. We also care about preventing fraud and criminal activity so we do require a one time verification. Our compliance team will review your ID and then destroy the file upon the verification and approval process.

Fast and Easy
1. Complete the following form and our team will verify your order and send you an anonymous billing request.
2. We verify you and that the order is complaint with basic legal requirements.
3. Your order comes to our facility and we process and removing any visible identifying information.

Private Shopping

Why Use AnonXpress?

We offer multiple services to protect your privacy. We can provide you with anonymous mail forwarding, package storage, or private shopping services. AnonXpress is safe, secure, and affordable. We believe that privacy is a right and we provide you with the ability to take control over who you share your personal information with and for what purposes. Our core mission is breaking the cycle of big data tracking you online shopping or organically through the packages you receive.

Private Shopping Service
Member $8.99
Non-member $11.99
Our flat rate private shopping puts you in control of your data privacy.
Postal Privacy Mailing Service
Member $0.00
Non-Member $0.00
Private mail forwarding that removes any traceable information.
Combined Packages
Member $0.00
Non-Member $0.00
Your items can be combined in to one anonymous package.
Private Insurance Protection
Member $0.00
Non-Member $0.00
Your package and contents are protected and insured.